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Since you didn’t ask for it but because this is IG and you’ll read whatever the fuck I write, I’mma give you my 2 cents. . ———————— I SUCK at unilateral work. I do it anyways. What you’re not good at it usually what you should do more of. Quit complaining, start doing. ———————— Sometimes I second guess myself (like EVERY FUCKING DAY, EVERY FUCKING THING), but when what you truly desire is clarified and you get rid of the noise, the confidence will take over. ———————— I hate how I look/feel right now from an aesthetics perspective but love how my body is moving (relative to how it was for a couple years prior). ———————— There is a gain in every situation, but you may have to look for it. More than that you may have to dig for it and give up a lot of fucks in the process. . ———————— Here’s an extra cent, since you didn’t ask for the extra 2 from above anyways: I have SO much swirling around in my head lately that I’ve really struggled with providing anyone with useful info. So, I came home a couple days ago and literally wrote down where some changes need to be made: business (thanks @jillfit), personal life (thanks to ME! and a lot of shitty experiences that I, thankfully, continue to learn from), and aesthetics (raise them macros and keep buying tickets for the gains train). Drowning the outside noise and focusing on what’s in front of me, honing in on what I really want instead of what’s available and clarifying not only what is desired but A path (there are many that will come up) to reach that desired outcome does wonders for a lot of your mental state. . ———————— So, here’s to change, doing the shit that sucks (Bulgarians with 40’s sucked today) and the fact that YOU can do it too, anyways. . ———————— This ends week 3 of the first block of @scottmiller5 ’s free template. Not rushing myself, as usual. The use of this template has kept me from getting the cart before the horse, which we all know is a recipe for injury, fatigue, etc. Truly has been good for me right now as I focus on moving away from aesthetics only and into more performance based #goals. . . #friday #thoughts #training #squats #deadlifts #legs #booty
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